Our Products


Hairsoft-AD™ Antidandruff Shampoo : This shampoo acts on P ovale which is the main cause of dandruff. Hairsoft AD helps in reducing the scalp itching and dryness. Hairsoft-AD is recommended to be used twice a week or as directed by the physician.

Hairsoft™ Revitalising Shampoo : Normal shampoos can cause the roughness and dryness. Hairsoft shampoo is deisgned to provide softness to hair and maintain hair lusture.

Hairsoft™ serum : Application of hair oil is not recommended for the people who have oily hair or tendency to have dandruff. Oil is main food for fungus to grow. Hairsoft serum is best suited to meet the requirements of such people and makes hair shine .

Karehair™ : Karehair tablets are blend of various vitamins essential for the growth of hair.

Hairnew™ 2% : This lotion is for hair growth and recommended to be used as directed by physician

Hairnew™ 5% :  This lotion is for hair growth and recommened to be used as directed by physician


Episilk™ Soap : This medicated soap offers the relief from eczema and itchiness which is observed by using other soaps. This soap offers protection and recommended for dry and sensitive skin and also available for babies as Episilk baby soap.

Hydratant™ Cream / Lotion : Hydratant cream offers aloevera which helps in reducing inflammation and marks on the skin. Hydratant cream protects and repair the skin and suited to all skin types.

Anti Ageing Serums

Rekover™ Serum : This serum helps in collagen synthesis and repairing the skin. Reckover serum is ideal to be used post procedures and recommended to make your skin smooth and supple.

Eventone™ serum : Eventone offers Vitamin-c 20% which helps in reducing the dark spots and even up the tone of the skin.

Klearskin™ serum : This is the blend of various natural extracts which help in cleaning the skin from within and brighten up the skin.

Dermatological Products

Aczith™ tablets (Azithromycin 250/500 mg)
Sporzole™ capsules (Itranconazole 100/200 mg)
Ketophyte™ soap /cream ( Ketoconazole 2% )